Frequently asked questions
Is your service free?
All our services are free of charge
How much do you charge for VISA assistance?
It is free if you applied to a university that HRDS represents;
Service charge of BND200 if you applied to a university HRDS does not represent
This is my first time using HRDS.
What should I bring to my first appointment?
Documents to bring: Your passport and academic qualifications (statement of results and certificates)
I am applying through my school's buzzword for UCAS. Can I still ask HRDS for help?
Can you help with my personal statement?
Yes. You can contact our education counsellor and they will help review your personal statement.
They can also guide you on how to start your personal statement if you have not already done so.
Am I eligible to study abroad?
Different universities from different countries will have a range of entry requirements that you have to meet.
The entry requirements will also vary according to your course of interest.

Entry requirements will be based on your latest academic qualification and English language skills.
For mature applicants, they will also consider your working experience.

Please contact one of our education counselors for more advice on your eligibility.